On the left is a picture of Erik during his 13yrs of active addiction. The right is a picture of Erik living free and clean. Erik is almost 10yrs clean and sober.

About Erik

Erik is 36yrs young. He is married and he and his lovely wife and two sons live in Northeast Ohio. Erik had a troubled past and is now a living representation of God's grace.  

His focus is the state of Ohio, but he travels all over America speaking and passionately coaching success minded people into healthy and successful personal and professional lives. Erik’s speaking engagements are filled with valuable insights and encouragement, and his recovery coaching is helping countless people live free from addiction.

He is always full of hope for the future. He can say from personal experience that any change, on any level, is fully possible. Erik has a real value for joy and seeing the good in people.

His unique and profoundly simple approach to life is contagious and highly effective.

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