Coaching Testimonials

“Meeting with Erik for the last couple of months has been an amazing eye opener for me. Even though I have had sessions with other life coaches in the past, none have been as impactful as the ones with Erik. He has a unique way of taking each session and making it personal and easy to understand. As a life coach, Erik exhibits qualities of a true leader and empowers his students to see possibilities in situations that others see as limitations. His capacity to care also liberates ideas, energy and capacities in the numerous lives he touches.”

Beverly Kelly -Office Manager
Thrivent Financial, San Diego

Testimonial from Dustin Endsley - Director of Sales for Econex and

Marketing Coordinator for That Knock Life -  

“Erik has helped me understand my true calling as a leader in the workplace and has coached me as I step into it fully! Walking out this true purpose has brought me so much joy at work, even on the really tough days. Through his coaching, sharing his experiences and wisdom, he has inspired me to open my eyes to goals, dreams, and experiences I never thought possible! I’ve always known how important it is to have a mentor/coach for life and especially work, but never found one willing to invest. Since meeting with Erik, I’m blown away at his dedication to invest in me and my future! I have grown so much in just a few short sessions and I have seen growth in those I interact with on a daily basis (my staff, family and friends), which is huge! You won’t be disappointed!”

Jessica Gathercole- Office Manager
“Without reservation I would advise any and all marketplace leaders and business owners/managers to contact Erik Frederickson to engage with your workforce, your leadership teams in coaching them into their best, and take your company to the next level. Give your lives, teams and companies the upgrades they deserve, which trust me, they are hungering and searching for. Erik is one of those keys that will unlock your prosperous future. You will not regret it.”

Terri Tebbetts - Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, San Diego
“Every time I talk to Erik I’m on fire! My life has literally exploded in amazing ways. I just could not seem to focus or figure out how to start life over after my divorce. But Erik expanded my views and horizons and things started opening up immediately! You will be changed forever from your very first meeting!”

Debbie Hart –Performance Coach, Utah County
“Ever since the first time I met Erik a few years ago, my purpose in life has been greatly enhanced. Erik has walked me into my identity and true purposes as husband, father, pharmacist, and most importantly following the way of Love.”

Neil Stoneman - Pharmacy Manager, Ohio

Testimonial from Acupuncturist Tim McCormick and

his experience of working with Life Coach Erik Frederickson

“Since I started working with Coach Erik around six months ago, I have seen huge improvement in my academics, life skills, and especially my discipline. My discipline was one of my main reasons for working with him. I came in with a set goal in mind to help improve my discipline but I ended up getting so much more than I could have ever imagined. Coach Erik has a way of picking people apart to find the real root of their problems, compared to superficial ones that I’ve got in the past and for that I am forever grateful.”

Jared- 17yr old
“Working with Erik has been amazing! He is able to help you get right to the root of your problem and see it clearly. Which opens the way for you to really connect with God and walk the path you were born to take. While working with Erik everything in my life has improved from relationships to financial success. I would highly recommend everyone should work with him!”

Michelle Wilding - Entrepreneur, Utah County
“Whereas, some people feel like they need a vacation to take a break from life; Erik’s life coaching can help you to adjust your perspective that discovering your life becomes the real adventure. Erik helped me to broaden my perspective and see life from a positive and powerfully happy state. There is a simple love about Erik that has made me want to care about others with a full heart. He has real concern for others and has an ability to inspire and empower. He has been given many gifts by which he helped me to interpret dreams and the thoughts of my heart. I had a great experience with Erik and would highly recommend him in understanding the beauty of your personal identity.”

Nelson Scoville
- Project Manager, EMC, Utah County