Change is Your Friend

This world is changing, fast. With the younger generations creativity and the unlimited resources and outlets through the internet, simpler and more effective ways to do things surface daily.

The mindset of the emerging generation is, “How can I make it simpler, reach more people, and be more effective.”

A greater place of influence is always awaiting you. But are you waiting for this upgrade in influence to come to you? Or are you going after it?  

Are you willing to remain relevant with solutions as modern day problems surface? Last years solution won’t fix all of this years problem. It may work for some of it, but the issue at hand can change dramatically in a year.

New challenges need new solutions, or this fast moving world can end up running circles around you. For the go getter it’s rarely because you didn’t work hard and position your self for that place of influence. It’s most often because at some point you plateaued with your creativity and refused to stay on pace with the ever improving world.

You don’t need to change your values and purpose to remain successful and relevant. How you implement your values and purpose does need to change if you want to continue influencing culture and growing in your destiny.

The business world is being flooded with young and ambitious technology minded people that will work hard, and roll with or even instigate change as it is needed. This of course comes with pro’s and con’s, but none the less it is the reality of what the business world has come to and is moving towards.

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail,” Abraham Maslow.

What if the problems you face and can’t solve are not problems, but invitations to expand your tool kit? Another tool in the belt might be the needed additive to break through into that greater place purpose and influence.

It is foolish to think that what worked ten years ago will be just as effective today. It is equally, if not more foolish to fear the change needed for you to become more successful. Fearing change causes more unhealthy mindsets then it protects you from.