Diamonds in the Rough

As much as many of us don’t want to believe it, facing and overcoming the irritations and tensions of life is what produces excellence and solid character. There is no short cut to excellence and success. It’s the challenges we face and overcome that form in us a rare and quality expression of hope for the world. Just like diamonds are formed in the midst of intense heat and extreme pressure, so are our finest displays of victory and overcoming.

Living a life of changing the world will have many trails, face it. History remembers the people that won in the face of insurmountable odds. You want to live as a world changer in your field of influence? Learn to endure the trials without allowing your character to be tainted.

We live in a society that likes to cater to the easiest route possible. Billions and billions of dollars are spent every year by Americans to avoid pain and inconvenience. This reality has its pro’s and con’s, but are the con’s outweighing the pro’s? Instead of facing the trial, the world presents us with endless options to avoid it.

Here is an example surrounding the joy of listening to music. 20yrs ago you had to go to a music store and buy the music. Now a days, when was the last time a person went and bought a CD? I’m sure someone out there does, but do you? Everything is free on YouTube, a cheap monthly Spotify subscription, an easy download, or even endless websites to listen to or download your favorite music for free.

Here are some statistics on who is buying music these days, and this was an article written 2yrs ago…

Who is buying music

150yrs ago if you wanted to listen to music you put the time in and made it yourself, or traveled somewhere to listen to someone who has put the time in and made it themselves. Has the easy accessibility watered the music industry down? And has the general population lost its value for good music because it costs us nothing to access any and everything with the click of a button?

How about getting in shape. People rarely just start going to the gym and stop eating junk food to lose weight these days. These days billions and billions of dollars are spent to help you lose weight with as little effort as possible through energy supplements, dietary supplements, muscle builder, etc... Maybe a little extra effort and some slight changes of diet would not only get us in shape, but would also produce some discipline of character as well.

Energy Supplements – 20 billion a year

Weight Loss Supplements – 60 billion a year

Who doesn’t want to lose weight fast, or get fit fast? But is instant gratification actually turning us down a road that is catering to our lack of character, instead of refining it?

This world of being able to get what I want now, has it’s positive side effects for sure. Technology, medicine, quality of food, accessibility to clean water, etc., are wonderful additives to any society. But has the pro’s to this instant gratification caused considerable con’s to surface with it?

Think of diamonds. Diamonds are the mark of quality. They are the expression of excellence. Diamonds are beauty in its rarest form. Diamonds are the most sought after stone on the planet. When we find the love of our life we show our affection with a diamond on their finger, to be worn daily until death parts the martial union.

3min video on how diamonds are formed

Could it be that the finest expressions of excellence are not the one’s that money can fix overnight, but the ones that actually cost us something more than money?

This is why so many people watch the Olympics. We get to watch the best athletes in the world compete. I even watch the Olympic events that I don’t like. Why? Because as humans we are drawn to excellence, and excellence is not an overnight fix that money can buy.

It’s the countless hours of refining the talent that produce that diamond. The endless hours of training are refining the character. The few minute display in front of the entire world is the diamond on display. The extreme pressure and intense heat of competition and discipline produce a diamond that the world wants to see.

Would you ever watch a swimming competition on your average afternoon off work? 

Now, would you watch Michael Phelps (who is probably the greatest athlete of our time and has won 23 gold medals in 3 Olympics) compete in the Olympics? I did, and so did many people I know that could care less about swimming on any other day.

Diamonds take billions of year to form, yes, billions of years. Enduring the trials of life with solid character produces a substance of excellence within us that people can draw from. Our character is more important that a quick fix of the challenges of life we face, and proven character is what will enable you to hold real influence that changes the world.