Your Seeds are in Your Fruit

Do you feel like you have run out of ideas?

Do you feel like your running a little short on resources?

Often times the fruit of our labor has large amounts of favor hanging over it, sometimes we simply need to cultivate the fruit in order to access more seeds. This plays out in various forms and scenarios.

Some times we miss the strength of small beginnings because the magnitude of the dream can blur our site from seeing the most effective course to get there.

The treasure chest filled with your resources, your ideas, and your much needed break throughs are commonly within reach. The question is, where are you reaching for them?

"It's not a lack of resources, it's your lack of resourcefulness that stops you." -Tony Robbins  

I'm convinced that the biggest untapped goldmines within businesses, organizations, and institutions are resting deep in peoples hearts.

The biggest momentum killer to our forward progress is to despise the wealth that rests in people and relationships. Inside the people we have interacted with is a chain reaction of needed pieces to your puzzle, but we can only access it’s abundance when our mind is set on healthy relationship. We will blind ourselves to the true riches that dwell within people when we try and use people for our own gain.

Inside the hearts of people around us are all the needed ideas, resources, encouragement, and energy to go to the next level. Any seed we have planted that has grown and reproduced after its own kind is filled with seeds. Those seeds hold the wisdom for greater breakthrough.

Books don’t bear fruit. Universities don’t bear fruit. Certifications and degrees don’t bear fruit. The book is the fruit of a person. The university is the fruit of the people building it and it’s purpose is to bear fruit inside of people. The book is a giant piece of fruit that anyone can gather seed from and apply to the circumstances they live in, same with universities, degrees, and certifications. The hearts of hungry people are the seed bed for a new harvest. People bear fruit. The buildings and organizations are structures put in place for us to come and cultivate the seeds from the fruit of others plowing.

I love real life stories. Truthfully I get a bit bored with most books or movies that are not based on a true story. Something shifts in the human psyche when we see another person who breathes the same air we do carry out extraordinary strength in the face of overwhelming odds. Something changes in me every time I see or read a story of a person that dared to rise above the boring norm and be great.

Those breakthroughs are the fruit and when we delve into what rests inside people that paid a price to bear that fruit we access a bottomless treasure chest filled with seeds that we now can plant and nurture in our reality.

Who are the people within reach that you can or have deposited seed in?

Who are the people within reach that have deposited seed in you?

What relationships do you have that are waiting for you to plant seed in, or reap fruit from?

Cultivate the fruit that has already blossomed and replenish your bag of seed.