Is your tribe killing your vibe?

Before we begin, check out this powerful 3min video. This simple experiment on encouragement vs discouragement was conducted by NatGeo.  

What many people do not realize is that your ability to walk out your dreams is directly attached to who you choose to surround yourself with.

You will never be able to avoid negative people entirely, unfortunately pessimism is contagious, but you do get to choose the people you call your "Tribe." It is a choice, and you are the one that is in the driver seat with that choice.

These days "positivity" is a buzz word. Just pause for a moment and recollect how many t-shirts you saw in last couple days that had positive or motivating slogans on them. The question that presents itself is, why?

Why are so many people trying to be positive these days? Because positivity is not a silly powerless exercise, intentional encouragement and positivity release a very real and life giving substance. 

Words shape realities for ourselves and those around us, be it good or bad. Words are feeding hope to their listeners, or draining hope from their listeners. Even science backs up this spiritual truth. Check out this experiment done by a Japanese Doctor. 3min video - Dr. Emoto Water Experiment

Did you notice in the basketball experiment that the way people spoke to the blindfolded man and woman shooting baskets directly effected the way they shot baskets once the blindfold was removed? 

If you are going through a tough time right now and you don't have the perception of a good outcome, it would help to be around people that are speaking and seeing a good outcome for you. Words, good or bad, are like bricks being laid on our path forward. 

The girl in the video probably won't be making it to the WNBA, most likely she would be the first to admit this. But a simple lie of encouragement upped her percentage by 40 points in a matter of seconds. Did her skill set magically improve, or did encouraging words from her peers shift her perception of what she was capable of?  

A couple of months back I read an amazing book. The Book is called, "How Full Is Your Bucket?" This life changing book was written by a young man named Tom Rath and his grandfather Don Clifton. Don Clifton recently passed away, but before he did he studied psychology for over 50yrs.

When Clifton started in the field of psychology in the 1950's he realized that the world of psychology was broken. All they were doing was studying what was wrong with people. So Clifton spent the rest of his life studying what was right with people. The book is filled with the results of thousands of studies on the beneficial effects of positivity and encouragement.

One study showed that businesses were actually better off paying negative employees to stay home. The studies showed that the overall production and financial growth of a business was always tied to the level of encouragement and positivity that were prevalent inside that workplace. 

Let's face it, it is almost impossible to shield our selves from all discouraging and negative people. So what is it that you do when that dark and energy draining cloud of negativity creeps over you?


Stop, and intentionally fill your mind with the last encouraging thing that someone said. Stop, and fill your mind with the good that is happening in your life. Stop, and focus on the good things happening. Stop, and envision all the things that could go right in your life. What you focus on you empower.  

I am not talking about pretending the problems in front of you do not exist. I am talking about moving forward with a mind fueled by hope and encouragement so that you can effectively implement the solution to the problems in front of you.

So practically speaking how do you rid yourself of discouragement and a culture of negativity? 

First, you can't do it alone. You need to start by intentionally being around people that know how to see the good, speak the good, and live in a solution based mindset. 

Second, start verbally speaking out the good. Especially when you don't feel like it. 

Third, relax. Good things want to happen in your life more then you want them to. Take some deep breaths and focus on the good. Slowing down and seeing and speaking the good will empower you to partner with the breakthrough that has been waiting for you. 

Your words are either focusing your lens to see the good, or blurring your lens to see the bad. Start by learning to speak out the good, and your perception and actions will follow. 

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