The Weakest Are Becoming The Strongest - 5min Read

I hated addiction! I wanted to live free from it from the very beginning, but it was too much for me. I hate seeing people caught in it now, because I know the pain of it. I knew the insanity of it first hand for over 13yrs. I now live in a beautiful freedom, and I have been blessed with this freedom for roughly 9yrs. 

I know what it is like waking up and feeling like a ship lost at sea in a storm so intense that drowning alive and sinking to the bottom of a endless ocean feels like the only way out. Over 30 of my friends or acquaintances overdosed, committed suicide, died in a car accident, or passed away from some sort of freak accident while high or drunk. I am still hearing about old friends being assassinated by this demon called addiction. 

It's a poisonous plague that has been sweeping through the abyss of a generations hearts and minds. I felt like addiction had me in solitary confinement, even when I wasn't behind bars. I was addicted to pretty much every drug at one point or another. I was lost in the blur of horrid alcoholism, porn addiction, cigarettes, and depression from the age 13 until 26. Having been set free from this evil, I've learned some things. And I take great joy in learning more about this life of freedom on a daily basis.

This freedom was so foreign to me that when I first started experiencing it that it felt irresponsible and incorrect. I thought depressive seriousness was my only option if I was to some how escape the lion's den of addiction. It took some time for me to understand that most often the reward for living the right way was not having to deal with the consequences of living the wrong way. 

I didn't know what to expect when my mind was clear and hope was evident. I didn't know how to stay in my lane and enjoy life as it came to me. When this new lease on life came it had me feeling like I had been reborn and a tangible joy entered my heart. 

Most people that have been in the throes of pain brought on by years of addiction have forgotten what real peace and joy is like, if they ever knew what it was like in the first place. If you look at the statistics of alcoholics and addicts getting and staying free, you leave people with minuscule amounts of hope.

That is changing! 

I have witnessed a movement of people fighting for a freedom they have yet to experience. The desperate cry for freedom is becoming stronger then the chains that hold people from that freedom, and a new approach and revitalizing culture of joy and creativity is stirring in the hearts and minds of those that have had their chains removed.

A mass wave of freedom from addiction is getting ready to hit America! As this spiritual pardoning grows in America, it will spread to other countries, where it is beginning as well. A movement is in its infancy stages and this movement is gaining traction.

What if the biggest and brightest innovators, world changers, entrepreneurs, and social leaders are still chained to the death sentence of addiction?

I believe the hunger for freedom has reached a tipping point and the subdued brilliance of countless people caught in addiction is about to burst forth like never before seen. 

I believe that countless people that are currently fogged over with the darkness of deep depression and addiction are the very people destined to write the books, music, and movies that will jolt others into freedom. I believe these same people will reach millions and lead them into, spiritual speaking, the land of the free and home of the brave.  

As a Recovery Coach my past is now one of my biggest weapons. I know the deception and insanity of addiction and the heavy cloud of depression that accompanies it. This chaotic culture and I were well acquainted for a long period of my life. I walked away from that relationship, and I refuse to return to it. When this unwelcomed trespasser of addiction tries to creep into my psyche I know its tricks, and I’m on to its maniacal maneuvers.

This empirical knowledge is a gift, not a curse. Now that I know the tricks that addiction tries to play, I know what to disagree with. Furthermore, I know how to position myself in a preventative way from that grip of addiction getting its hands on me again. This movement of freedom is filed with people who are armed with the same knowledge and defenses.

I understand exactly how the rhythm of addiction bends the frequencies you think your hearing, and blurs the images you think you’re seeing. This is in fact one of, if not the biggest weapon that someone struggling with addiction has in their arsenal. Being free grants clarity into how the language of addiction lures its victims into chains. 

Those that know the reality of addiction know the enemy’s tactics! It’s like we have the opponents playbook memorized. Shouldn’t this knowledge help us, not hurt us? And when someone knows the enemy’s playbook they can share the info, with first hand understanding, to their fellow teammates. The deck is stacked in our favor!

This understanding of how the enemy camp functions is exactly the reason that a mass wave of freedom is coming to the people that society has labeled drug addicts and alcoholics. A new understanding of how to get free, and how to stay free has come and is growing. 

The cry for freedom from these addicts and alcoholics is going to drowned out the lie of, "I can't do it." As the true identity of this portion of humanity is restored a heavenly broom is going to sweep the victim mentality off of a generation that has been told they will always be an addict and/or alcoholic.  

It’s time to stop looking at addiction as an insurmountable foe, and start looking at it as an over glorified opponent that has over played its hand. The torture of having lived through addiction has given its survivors detailed insight into how to fend off this beast, and empowered those same survivors with tools to help others that are wandering around what they think is a maze with no exits. 

Dust yourself off, and keep going. God is granting a new energy and grace meant to fuel a new uprising rooted in freedom and joy. Out of this freedom and joy will come immense creativity and gratitude.

Restoration of families and unimaginable transformations will take place in droves. The day dreaming of what life could be like, is going to shift into a reality. From dark to light and from depression to joy, a movement is starting and the weak are becoming the strongest! 

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