You Are Stronger Than You Realize

Often times we look at the idea of getting help as weakness. For years I tried to figure out the puzzle of life by myself. I did not realize that I had a limiting belief in place that was holding me back. I believed that getting help was a sign of weakness. This incorrect way of thinking had me doing things the hard way, for a long time. 

I would like to propose to you that getting help is actually a sign of strength.

Let me start by defining the kind of help I'm talking about. I’m not talking about someone coming to save you from your mess and do all the work for you. God has saved me from more than one problem, but God has also empowered me to not repeat that same problem.

In order to truly change I had to want to work harder on my problems than anyone else was working on my problems, this responsibility strengthened me to break free from a victim mentality. The victim mentality rendered me powerless, because I gave my power away by saying that my problems were caused by other people.

But when I took responsibility it was like taking spiritual steroids, it granted me tremendous confidence and strength. I got my power back when I took responsibility for my problems and my next steps were filled with confidence and purpose to overcome life's challenges. 

When I was working towards my destiny and I entered a place where it was apparent that I would need some better guidance and assistance, the better guidance and assistance came to me. When I was active in the solution I began to experience the solution in my life. When I began exercising some humility and being teachable I was able to find the people (or person) who could walk with me into the next assignment and season of my life’s purpose and journey.

I spent 13 years of my life trapped in a game of life and death with alcoholism and drug addiction. I kept thinking I could manage my addiction by myself, or if I ever tried to stop I would always try to do it by myself. This way of thinking landed me in jails, rehabs, and hospitals as a theme of life.  

It was when I humbled myself and decided I needed some help that I learned to live in my true identity free from the deadly addiction. I had known my potential for along time, but it was time to live in that potential.

Taking responsibility and getting the needed help granted me a freedom that has grown more and more real on a daily basis for 9 years. The principles that got me free from that horrid mess still apply to the way my wife and I run two businesses, and the way I help people break free from addiction through Recovery Coaching. God can help you, and you can do it! 

If you can envision more strength and potential within you but you have yet to access it, getting help proves that you know you are capable of a greater reality then you have experienced. Getting help will grant you different perspectives, and I had (and still do) to have some varying viewpoints so I could see what I was missing. 

Try looking at it like this. If you examine the best athletes in the world you'll notice that they all have the best help. They have the best coaches, teammates, equipment, and competition. The best help (and competition) has drawn out the best version of them, their gifts, and their talents.This principle parallels in life.

Maybe the help you need is simply allowing yourself to be challenged in new ways and to stop shying away from being uncomfortable with new environments and situations. If I ever feel like I've stopped growing I can always trace this stunt in my growth back to when I decided to stop challenging myself. 

The idea of finding a better mentor, coach, group of friends, or creative environment shows that you know there is more goodness waiting for you and you’re willing to sacrifice to get it. In our culture we become so comfortable with things staying the same that we run from change with all our energy. Not knowing that we are usually exerting just as much energy trying to avoid change as it would take to actually change. 

Reaching out for help shows that your teachable and wanting to achieve your full potential. The uncomfortable new challenges are the invitations to maximizing your potential. Chances are you are a couple small shifts away from some big breakthroughs, and getting better help could be your catalyst to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Here are some simple action steps you can take to begin to step into a momentum of getting better help and achieving your potential. 

  • Chances are you have already thought about reaching out to someone to help you be the better you that you know you can be.... who is it? 
  • If you haven't. Sit down and write out a couple paragraphs about the kind the person you would want to help you. After you have that description think about who you know, or someone you would want to meet,  that fits that description. Reach out and start a conversation with them. 
  • Begin to pray for the right mentor, coach, or new environment of people that will challenge you and help you. Be open to what comes your way. 
  • What are you willing to sacrifice? If you want the reward that comes with growth, but don't want to do the work to get it you become a target for the extremely detrimental victim mentality. Maximizing your potential takes sacrifice and a willingness to be teachable. But if I am able to come out of where I was at in life 10 years ago, and achieve what I've achieved thus far... turst me, you can do this! 

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