Not Every Thought Is Your Own

A New Year always feels like a fresh start, and so it should be. But sometimes our mind can play tricks on us. Here are some insights and tips to recognize it, and overcome battle of the mind. 

When the pin ball game of regretting your past,  questioning your present, or worrying about your uncertain future goes off like the needle on a richter scale inside your mind it is important that you understand...not every thought is your own.

I've made the mistake of taking ownership of a mess of problematic thoughts. I did it for years, and, as I agreed with the negative and chaotic thinking, I became more and more negative and problematic. 

Often times we are far to quick to take ownership of any and every notion that finds the frequencies of our mind's antenna. It took me a very long time to understand something, but once I did my life quickly changed. Just because a stupid idea tries to touch down on the landing pad of your mind doesn’t mean you have to give it permission to land.

You are the thoughts that you take ownership of. The words that you hear in the silence of your brain, those words that have no decibel level but ricochet like a racquet ball off the sides of your skull, they are trying to mold you into a vessel that holds Light, or dark, love, or hate, positivity, or negativity. 

You are the one that gets to decide what reality you agree with. No one can make the decision for you, and no one but you can control you.

When we agree with negative or positive thoughts they open the door to greater realities. The thought telling you that “something bad is about to happen,” needs you to agree with it by opening the door and believing that lie so it can drive your actions. 

This scenario is helpful to understand for all of us, but especially important for those of us living free from drugs and alcohol. If you haven’t had a drink or been loaded in quite some time then why would you take ownership of a thought telling you to do so? It’s time you take ownership of the change that you’ve worked so hard, with God, to bring about.

Here are a few simple tips to set you on a course of success for 2018. 

1- You need a support system. "Don't assume that you know it all. Run to God! Run from evil! Your body will glow with health, your bones will vibrate with life!" Proverbs - Message Bible. 

All of us, in recovery or not, need a community of people that we know and that know us. If you look a log in a fire it is easy for that log to stay a blaze when it is near the other logs. It is when that log is removed from the fire that its glow dwindles. Only you know if you are connected in healthy relationships, you need community connection for optimal spiritual and physical health. Just do it, you'll thank your self later. 

2- Journal. Write it out. It is a proven fact that writing improves your physical and psychological health. Coming from someone who has been writing as a habit for over 20 yrs, it helps immensely. I'm not suggesting you write a novel, unless you want to. I'm simply suggesting honestly journaling on a regular basis about your thoughts and feelings. This will grant you more mental clarity and future vision.

"Write this. Write what you see. Write it in big block letters so that it can be read on the run." Habakkuk - Message Bible. The context of that passage is God telling Habakkuk to write out what he sees and hears and the benefits of doing so. 

3- Give more, help others more. We reveal what we know we have access to, spiritual speaking, by how we give. Giving can look a lot of different ways. Some people have extra money to give. For some people giving looks like a listening ear when it is most needed. Sometimes giving is simply filling the need of the moment, whatever that may be. 

Giving gets our eyes off of ourselves, and puts them into a proper perspective of our true purpose. How can you help others more? How can you start today? "You're far happier giving than getting." Acts - Message Bible

Let this year be filled with spiritual wealth and health! Let the world see the best version of you this year! Share with a friend that you think would be encouraged by this. 

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