You are being prepared for GREATNESS

Do you ever feel like there is so much in you that you have to give, but at the same time you can't seem to find that sweet spot where you are operating in your wheelhouse? 

You are not the only one!

This pattern is part of the process of maturing in your strength and calling. Often times the areas of your life that have not seen the productivity you know your capable of, are most primed for an explosion of fruitfulness. Stay the course, the best is yet to come.

If your view of the future is anchored in what you have already seen, you might be crippling your yet to be seen capabilities. Sure, past successes leave clues for future breakthroughs, but their is more talent and creativity in you then you have seen and experienced.

You are capable of far more then you’ve seen yourself do to this point. Your current season of training is cultivating a strength in you that will position you to achieve things in the future you never thought possible. 

Think of your yet to be seen success like this... look at a small plant. Say this plant is in a small pot. While this plant is in a small pot its roots can only go to edge of the pot. Now if you take this plant and replant it in an area where its roots can stretch and run wild, its growth can and will increase exponentially.

The growth was never the issue, the plant was born to grow to its fullest potential. The issue was the plant being in the right environment so it could tap into its unlimited potential. This is why a leaders job is to create an environment where the character and gifts of an individual can mature into fullness. 

Here is another great example.

Most everyone knows who Babe Ruth was, he was arguably the greatest offensive player in the history of Major League Baseball. What most people don’t realize is that he played 21 seasons, but his first 8 seasons were as a pitcher. Then in 1919 the Boston Red Sox traded him to the New York Yankees.

His first 2 years in New York he still pitched, but with minimal appearances. It was in this change of cities and teams that he became acclimated to this new environment and his offensive stats exploded. He stopped pitching, and his offensive production became the focus.

He went from a mediocre pitcher to an unstoppable offensive force that opposing teams feared. He immediately became the best hitter in the league and is now known as an almost mythical character of greatness.

Babe Ruth's talent was never the issue. He just needed the right environment, coaches, and teammates in order for his true greatness to surface. This new environment was a perfect fit that helped him became, “The Great Bambino.” He was the “Great Bambino” his whole life, he just needed the proper environment for those seeds of greatness to sprout. 

Your current struggle is positioning you for massive breakthrough. Keep learning, keep going, and stay around people that encourage you. Allow the process of growth to unfold, so you can gain the needed inner strength and capitalize when the right environment envelopes you. 

Here are 3 tips I share with clients that have helped them discover their untapped potential. 

1- Learn how to encourage yourself.

We certainly need to surround ourselves with people that see our full potential and talents, but at some point you have to learn how to encourage yourself. How? Constantly fill your mind with past victories. This reminds you of what is possible and that if you were capable of the past victory, you are capable of a bigger future victory. Remind yourself of why your doing what your doing and choose to focus on the good that Is happening, not the bad. 

2- Embrace change and being uncomfortable.

Sounds great, right? Here is the thing, change is going to happen whether you embrace it or not. You may as well learn to embrace it and position yourself to capitalize on it. You are called to do bigger and better things than you are currently doing. In order to do this you have to learn new things and not shy away from doing things you don't know how to do. The areas of life that feel uncomfortable are the areas that yield the biggest return on your time and energy invested. 

3- Learn to enjoy the process. 

If you dislike the process it means that you are desiring the reward without wanting to do the work. If the process is a horrible endurance test for you, the reward won't be as fulfilling as you think. I speak from experience. Celebrate the small victories and enjoy learning. If you are trying then you can't fail, you can only learn. 

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