Do it Different, and Better

Is there a better, more creative, more effective way to do what your called to do?

All of your talents and gifts hold invitations within them. Invitations to improve the way you apply them to change the world around you. This doesn’t mean you have to change your morals or values, it just means that in order to stay on pace with this ever changing world you will need to constantly improve the application of your talents.

The world is filled with amazing ingenuity and brilliance, mankind truly is wonderful and innovative. But here is a simple insight that many people miss; most (not all but most) of the massive cultural breakthroughs were not original ideas. The prototype already existed in some way, shape, or form. Someone dared to improve upon an existing idea and take it to another level of greatness.

It’s the progression of culture. The innovators show the consumer what it is they want, when the consumer may not even realize they want it, and they continually find better and more effective ways to get the desired product in the hands of the consumer. It’s been done over and over again through the course of history and the ones that dare do it outside the box have consistently reaped glorious benefits.

When Henry Ford revolutionized the way automobiles were made by implementing the assembly line, he didn’t invent the assembly line. He had seen how a local meat warehouse had a conveyor belt, and as the meat would slowly move down the line the butchers would cut it into the appropriate pieces. Implementing this for the making of automobiles not only sped up Ford Motors ability to mass produce but it also made it cheaper and easier to get automobiles in the driveway of your average hardworking American.

Ford dared to believe that every American should have an automobile. At the time that was profound and extremely revolutionary, as the small automobile industry’s mindset was geared toward getting automobiles to the wealthy class. Ford came against the grain and transformed American culture while doing so.

How about for the modern tech world?

When Steve Jobs revolutionized cell phones with the iPhone, he didn’t invent cell phones. He simply did something with them that hadn’t been done before. He did the same with personal computers. Jobs did not invent computers, but he dared to believe that P.C.’s should be affordable and available for every household.

He did the same with iTunes, buying music online wasn’t new, but with the way he brought it to the public it made countless artists careers take off (almost over night) and while doing so Apple iTunes practically shut down record stores. Now iPhones, MacBook’s, and iTunes (amongst many other Apple innovations) dominate there industries and continue to push the boundaries.

How about for the modern day entrepreneur?

Maybe nobody understands this better then Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. You may be asking, who are they? They are the co-founders of Uber. If you have been living in obscurity for the last 5-6yrs and don’t know what Uber is, here is a brief description. Uber has gone from a nobody to dominating the taxi cab industry, and they did it entirely outside the box without even owning a taxi cab.

They made taxi rides affordable and available for anyone, anywhere, by allowing the average person (that passes a simple driving background check) to have a taxi cab with their own car. You or I can make some money in our spare time by plugging into the mobile app and just driving around a certain area until a consumer needing a ride punches in their location in the app and the first responding driver takes the call.

They brilliantly connected the need, an average person needing a ride somewhere, with the want, an ever ready taxi service, and they made it cheaper and easily available. While doing so they created an opportunity for the average hard working American to make a few extra bucks, while being able to do it in their own neck of the woods, and in their own spare time.

They didn’t invent taxi cab’s, but they absolutely changed the entire industry by doing the same thing different and better. They understood this concept of doing something that has already been done, better then everyone else.

Kalanick and Camp saw the progression of culture and improved upon an already existent concept, and they launched it in San Francisco in March 2009. In 5yrs they were worth about as much as Hertz rental car and Avis rental car, combined. Hertz (1918) and Avis (1946) have been making money for a combined 166yrs, while Uber had been in business for about 6yrs at that point.

What Henry Ford and Steve Jobs did was lead people where they already wanted to be, the people simply needed someone to show them that this innovation was indeed what they truly wanted.

The world needs you to see things different, and implement your gifts and talents in a fresh way. Those that learn to see change before it happens, position themselves to ride the currents of new ideas and innovation. 

Questions and Steps to refresh your creativity. 

  1. What is an innovative idea you have had for a while but have not acted upon? This may be one of your own projects or creations, or someone else's creation... 
  2. Why haven't you acted upon it? Be honest! 
  3. What are three simple action steps you can take to test the validity of this new idea? Write them down. 
  4. Get started! Plain and simple. 

Here is a short and simple video that will help you stir some creative juices. 

Creating Value for the Solution - Life Coach Erik Frederickson