Navigating Your Vision

The United States military has fine tuned a vital practice in their approach to potential, upcoming battles. From very early times the United States has put in place plans of attack, based on a vision of what the anticipated conflict might entail. They also realized years ago that, to succeed, they needed a flexible plan. “No plan survives contact with the enemy,” says Colonel Tom Kolditz, head of the behavioral science division at West Point.

It is always smart to envision and create a plan. However, because unanticipated conditions can arise once you move forward to realize your vision--and because no one can foresee everything that will happen--you have to keep your eyes on the destination while adapting to the variables that will arise.   

As you map out your vision and plan to move forward in your business, personal life, relationships, and recovery, it’s important to understand that you cannot control all the variables that are in play.

Life changes, you cannot control people, but you can control how you adapt and respond. You will make new relationships, new doors will open, but in the midst of these happenings your end destination, your vision, can still be achieved.

Having a flexible, forward, fluid motion will allow your vision to include new and beneficial developments as they present themselves. Adapting yourself to be in charge of what comes at you, keeps the power in your hands. Let go of control, and grab hold of being in charge as you walk towards your destination. As various opportunities present themselves, the end goal will always be your main focus.

In the course of committing to and walking out this transformation, you will know where you are going. Additionally, when people and situations present themselves you will be able to ask yourself and answer the question, “Will these help me get to my goal? Or will they deter me from my goal?”

HERE is a short podcast from my Upgrade Your Thinking channel that will help you gain more momentum and insight for moving forward in your vision. In this short podcast I read a passage from the insightful book, ‘Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die,’ which elaborates these ideas.

Vision Coaching Video - 14mins