Trapped in Apathy

The world often leads us to feel comfortable in staying still. Countless new innovations and inventions are coming out daily to help us be more and more apathetic.

Think about it. For starters, you will probably never need to do extensive research again. The whole world of information is in your pocket in the form of your smart phone, google and various other search engines.

You don’t need to get off the couch to change your T.V. You have a garage door opener. You can get your groceries delivered, not to even mention the never ending list of good and bad things the internet puts at your finger tips.

The world also caters to the mindset of working hard so you can position yourself to stay still and be comfortable, to work toward a goal and thereafter plateau.

Yet, how beneficial is it to work towards a destination and plateau?

First off, did you know that staying still is an illusion?

You are either progressing, or you are regressing. The idea of staying in the same place for the sake of comfort has a sly way of sucking you into a false comfort zone that inevitably causes slow backward motion. The goal is to continually live in the transformation of a better you, as a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is forward motion.  

I understand why some people always fear progressing forward as a lifestyle. When you commit to forward motion as a lifestyle, you commit to growth and progress. When you commit to progressing in something or growing with someone it means you are signing up for change, and many people fear change. 

But does the regret, pain, and dissatisfaction of slow backward motion in life sound better then growing into your purpose and experiencing the adventure of conquering new challenges?

You want a vision and a lifestyle of forward movement. If not, a good question to ask yourself is, “Why do I fear the unknown in the future?”

Constantly fine tuning your vision forward is a necessary practice that will help you avoid some pitfalls and traps as you travel into new territory. It will help you avoid being unprepared to take proper action upon arrival into the new and unexplored terrain of life.

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