Forward Motion

Often the goal is to reach a certain destination. You work hard, receive the reward for your effort and upgrade into a greater sphere of influence.

What then?

People sometimes work hard in attempts to get to a place of not having to work anymore. They then enter a new territory (that they worked hard to get to) with the mindset of working less, and more often than not the new territory slowly begins pushing them out. Why? Because a constant establishing of presence and forward motion is needed to maintain what was earned.

Some people are strangely comfortable with being mediocre, or plateauing in their career and in their life. However, I have noticed that the more someone tries to plateau, and then protect what they have--which usually means going on the defensive--the more they lose control over what they have.

Are you moving toward your destiny and living on the offensive as you move towards your destiny? Or are you trying to defend the ground you’ve taken and lost sight of forward progress?

A defensive mindset is one that fears losing what one has. An offensive mindset is always looking to increase what they have for the betterment of themselves and those around them.

The safest place to find fulfillment, to increase wisdom, and to maintain and increase what you already have involves being on the offense. Personal growth, recovery, relationship growth, and overall forward progress as a lifestyle, paradoxically, is the place of safety.  

A continual pursuit of your destiny is not always easy. You will have to work at it, but once you’ve seen the fruit of consistently upgrading your thinking it becomes natural.

It becomes easier because you’re not stagnating; because you’ve settled into a place where you learn to be comfortable in the discomfort of constant forward progression. You’ve settled into a place where you understand that growth is the safest place for you.

It is true: a lifestyle that includes healthy and constant transformation can sometimes cause friction and tension within and around you. But the friction and tension that sometimes comes with change is far less than the pain, regret, and fear that will grow within you if you stay in a place where you are not supposed to stay. 

The reality is you want to change, grow, and increase. We all do, but we often get trapped in fear. We fail to realize that the comfort we seek is waiting for us on the other side of the obstacle that stands before us.

So how do you maintain your practical efforts to persistently change? 

You must have a vision for where you’re going, a game plan, and then you must simply start moving in that direction. As you march towards your destined vision, you will constantly refine it, you will not be surprised and you will be able to gain ground in newer and newer territory.

Don’t think about having to execute your plan to perfection, think about your vision as a road map that will get you where you desire to go.

There are many ways to get where you need to go, but start with mapping out a vision and committing to it. If one path closes on your journey, there is another path that will get you where you want to go.

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