Your Dreams Are A Compass - Part 1

Did you know that, “one in four US professionals and 30% of global workers say they earn a living from their childhood dream job or a related field.” Linkedin

The dream you have of a better and more excellent you is not a fantasy. The perfect job you dream about should not be a pipe dream that only materializes for about 1 in 3 people. I believe 100% of us have a dream job in mind.

What if the dreams you have are simply a compass calling you into your created purpose?

Your Dreams are Your Compass - Part 1 - 7min Coaching Video

Too many people come to me for coaching wanting to be somewhere in life other than where they are. Granted we go through seasons of life where we sacrifice, work jobs we don’t want to, and strive for a better future.

But, if what you feel destined to do in life continues to call to you, maybe it’s time to follow that leading?

I know this pattern all to well, because I lived in the tension of wanting to live out my passions and talents, but I always felt stuck in a career that drained the life out of me instead of energized the life within me.

Everyone I talk to these days dreams the dream of working to make a difference in the world, being fulfilled while doing so, and being prosperous inside this reality. Dreaming is healthy; it keeps your eye on the prize.

The obstacle is still there though, and the questions remain. Do you believe living in your dreams is actually achievable? Are the 70% of people that don’t live in their created purpose dictating the course of life for the rest of us?

Are the frustrations of knowing what you should be doing, but you are not doing, eating away at you?

I believe the reason that inner voice keeps calling you to pursue and live out your dreams is because that is what your created to do. I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life helping people realize and walk out their dreams. In the midst of this calling, I see the same themes surface in peoples thinking and actions.

Now as a Life Coach and Recovery Coach I help people realize and live out their greater purpose. The challenge for most is not that they need a new imagination. The challenge for most is living out what they have already imagined.

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