Your Dreams Are Your Compass - Part 2

Why do you think those dreams and desires have been continually conversing with you? Is it possible that inside your inner conversations of greatness lies the road map to your created purpose?

If this is so, what is the practical forward movement into seeing your dreams fulfilled? 

How many of you have stepped towards the dream, and frustrations and road blocks seem to surface everywhere?

Entertain this idea for a moment. What if the frustrations you are experiencing are healthy ones?

I’ve observed that such frustrations are almost always indicators that you know there is more for you, but you just haven’t been able to step into the “more” and it’s bothering you. The trouble is, if you let the frustrations stir within you for too long they can turn from an assisting boost in the right direction, into a bewildered haunting that promotes stagnation and a leading in the wrong direction.

You want to live in your wheelhouse. Your wheelhouse is this, “the place or situation in which one is advantageously at ease.” Your wheelhouse is the place in life where you are doing what you know you are called to do, working hard doing it, and feeling like you are floating downstream with your forward motion, rather then the feeling that you are continually and rigorously swimming against the currents.

Sometimes simple questions provide us a needed shift in perspective. This journey will invite you into a different perspective, coupled with simple tools to help you gain traction in the direction you already know you should be heading.

After some years of Life Coaching I have identified a consistent theme with visionaries. The theme is this: most dreamers encounter a tension because they clearly see the dream but can’t envision the practical steps to success as clearly as the destination they’ve envisioned in their mind.

Does it feel like you’re waiting for your lucky ticket to be punched? 

This waiting can unknowingly create a long term clarity, but a confusing short term blur. If that’s you, it’s all good. Many have experienced this place, and many have gotten past it and into greatness.  

This is the beginning of a grand journey for you.

This is your time to breakthrough into a greater level of purpose. Wherever you are at, more of life’s promises and goodness awaits you.

Your Dreams are a Compass - Part 2 - 8 min Coaching Video

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