Defining Your Inner Economy - Part 1 with video

In a fascinating book, “Freakonomics,” Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner assert, “Economics is, at root, the study of incentives: how people get what they want, or need.”

With that in mind, what incentivizes you?

Everyone needs inspiration. Everyone needs healthy relationships. We all need to recharge and rest frequently. And we all need a steady intake of good fuel to keep our motor running at its optimal level.

Let’s refer to the total makeup of your own personal economy as your psyche. By definition the psyche encompasses the mind, the soul, and the spirit. It reveals the basic synergistic balance necessary for all your inner workings to function together and compliment each other.

Thinking of your psyche as having an economy might be an idea that is “outside the box” for you. Yet when you begin to understand the economy of your psyche it will shed light on how what is coming into your psyche and what is going out of your psyche affects you. Additionally, how to balance this flow so it energizes you instead of drains you, will become clearer.

A healthy psyche is energized when you are balanced and healthy with your importing and exporting.

So then, what is importing? Importing is best understood when we think of it in terms of bringing goods or services into a country from abroad with the intention of selling them within that country.  

And exporting? Exporting is sending goods or services to another country for sale.

How then do you define your personal economy? Have you defined your personal values?  

What incentives dictate what you import into your personal economy? What are you fueling your mind with?

What are you exporting from your psyche? What is your life giving away to the world around you?

How much time do you commit to certain activities, and why?

What are the reasons you spend the time you do on yourself and others?

Have you observed how that which you import affects what you export? Do you see how what you fill your mind with dictates how you think, speak, and act?

Lots of questions, right?

Being honest with yourself and answering these questions will grant you clarity on your own personal inner culture and will give you the insights that are needed to restructure and maintain a healthy and booming personal economy that imports in a healthy way, and exports in a healthy way.

The action steps that you will learn in these blogs and videos will empower you to define, or redefine, your personal economy. When you have a clear definition of what you feed your mind, and why, it gives you clarity into how to practically align your actions with the definition of your inner economic structure. 

Defining Your Inner Economy- 9min Coaching Video

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