Defining Your Inner Economy - Part 2 with Bonus Video

Lots of philosophies out there teach you how to manage your problems. Think about it: anger management, stress management, various 12-step programs, etc... I am not saying that those programs do not help. At times, I personally have gotten needed help through some of those programs.

I do not want to teach you how to manage your problems. I want to teach you how to identify your problems, for one reason only, so you can get rid of it by applying actions rooted in solution based thinking.

Why would you want to declare yourself a problem, and then keep the problem around and be taught to manage it? Doesn’t it make more sense to identify the problem, so you can implement a solution and rid yourself of the problem?

An economy that spots a problem and then approaches the problem with the underlying motive of keeping it around, and constantly managing it (or becoming an expert on the problem) only perpetuates the problem. 


Strangely many people have never taken the time to sit down and define the values that provide the foundation upon which they live. They have shifting values that provide, at best, an unstable foundation. 

Some people simply agree with what sounds good in the moment, and most of their agreement is based on how they feel that day. Your feelings are important, and you should learn to identify feelings and why you are feeling the way you do. But living a life based on your feelings is a recipe for an unstable, and poverty stricken, personal economy. You need to learn to control your feelings, instead of your feelings managing you, and this is an ongoing process.

If you don’t know what you need in order to function in a healthy manner, you might end up fueling your mind with something that makes you feel good in the moment, but causes a slow deterioration in the long run.

Defining your personal inner culture, or economy, will help you control your emotions and maintain a stable foundation. This way you are in control of and aware of what is coming in, and therefore you are in control of and aware of what comes out of you.  

Picture this…

When water runs into a lake and no tributaries run out of that lake, the lake becomes stagnant and polluted. In polluted water the life within the lake sickens, can even die. There needs to be a healthy flow of clean water into the lake, and a healthy flow of water out of the lake for the lake to maintain its overall health.

When water runs off the mountain and into a lake and that lake has a river (or multiple rivers) running out of it, this flow purifies the lake, in a natural cycle in which the mountain top supplies the valley.

You need the proper flow so you can function at your highest level. The export from your psyche must be in direct proportion to the import, and if it is not balanced you set yourself up for problems.

If your whole mindset is about exporting, and you are not paying attention to what you’re importing, your lake will eventually run dry. River’s cannot continually run out of a lake if there is not a continual flow running into the lake.

You need to live in a balanced and graceful reality. You need to spend some time on you and check how you are doing. When you are healthy and functioning in your wheelhouse you export healthy living to others.

If your needs are not getting met physically, spiritually, and emotionally, than what you are exporting won’t be as healthy as it should be. In these blogs and videos I'll teach you how to receive what you need, so you can give away your gifts and talents in the healthiest way possible.

When this balance of importing and exporting is running the way it should you get more good done on accident then you could have ever tried to make happen on purpose.

Each of us is driven by incentives, whether we realize it or not. Each of us needs to define what incentivizes us and this successful vision will empower us in defining our personal economy.  

Bonus Clip- Resourcefulness and Creating Value for the Solution- 8mins

Confusion turns to clarity and the static that interrupts the frequencies of your mind will dissipate and be replaced by a peace that passes your understanding as you clearly define your inner culture.

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