Getting Past Your Past - Part 2 with Bonus Video

Picture trying to walk forward but while you’re trying to move forward you are facing backwards, and not because you’re doing the moonwalk. How can you expect to clearly capitalize on glorious invitations toward your destiny if you’re vision is still dialed into past failures? 

If you were trying to walk forward while facing backwards it would be very hard to know where you are going. You would be expecting to trip and fall. It’s the same when you look to the future through the lens of past regrets and failures. Your thinking is rooted in how you’ve failed while you’re trying to succeed. It’s a split reality.

Trying to move forward while facing backwards would have you always running into small obstacles that could easily be avoided if your eyes were focused on the future and your purpose and dreams. If you walk backwards -- look backwards -- you will continue to trip and fall and be forever having to look over your shoulder to see in the right direction.

Here is another facet that needs to be considered regarding how regrets can slow you down. There is a difference between making mistakes as you move forward, and needing an adjustment in moral character.

If a digression of moral character is an increasing pattern in your life, your personal economy will be forever compromised. If these critical matters are not dealt with, the unwanted downward spiral will most likely continue. An unchecked pattern of moral deterioration can blind you to the real problem. For example, consider the way many individuals, rather than address the real problem, fall into a victim mentality.

As covered in the last section, Your Inner Economy, maybe you haven’t yet defined your core moral values. Now is as good a time as any to sit down and define your personal culture based on key moral concepts.

Here is a short video that will help you identify the habits of the victim mentality. 

Victim Mentality Language - 7mins

Everywhere I went there were problems, and every person I was around was the problem. It took me being honest with myself and ready to change before I realized that I was the common denominator in the equation. From there I learned to see the problem, so I could implement the solution.   

What if the continual problems that surface in your life are not there to condemn you, but to show you what needs to be dealt with so you can live and function at an optimum level?

Look at it this way, pain in a specific part of your body is an indicator of the need to attend to a physical problem. It does not exist for the purpose of teaching you to manage the pain, but so you can do what needs to be done to be healed. It’s the same with emotional pain; it is an indicator of something that needs to be healed in your personal economy, so your personal economy can return to being as prosperous as possible.

Habitual negative activity will not change until your thinking changes. A life of reoccurring problems is not who you are meant to be. You were created to function in a healthy rhythm, and your created purpose is to be the solution to problems. If you now identify with a problematic pattern, it’s OK. I was way worse then you are, trust me, and my life has shifted into solution-based thinking and living.

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