Getting Past Your Past - Part 3 with Video

What if your most glaring weakness actually holds the keys to your most amazing strength? Maybe the areas where you feel the greatest opposition are the areas that are inviting you into your most unexplored strengths.  

Your destiny is waiting for you more than you are waiting for it.

We have all heard the age old proverb, “Time heals all wounds.” It’s worth noting that this is incorrect and quite a detrimental motto. Think about it. If you had a terrible cut on your arm would time necessarily heal it? Or might the lack of needed medical attention cause it to fester and become infected, creating the chance for the isolated injury to spread and the medical problem to worsen?

Getting Past Your Past - Part 2 - 7min Coaching Video

It’s the same with issues of the heart. When we get wounded or dealt a bad hand, pretending it’s not there will not make it go away. Often, it’s not until the issue is honestly dealt with that you can position yourself for healing.

Taking calculated risks towards your destiny is healthy, and failing to always achieve your goals can be a powerful learning experience. However, a consistent pattern of declining moral character, at some point, stops being just mistakes. It indicates a weakness in the foundation of your personal economy. It is, if you will, a spiritual issue, and it needs a spiritual solution in order for newness of life to surface.

This horrible pattern, of declining moral character, meant that the same problems surfaced again and again in my life from the age of 13 -26-years-old. My life was as bad as you can imagine in every way. No matter what you’ve done, there is hope and complete restoration always waiting for you.

The real question is, do you want to change?

Are you ready to change?

When it comes to transformation, your job is simply to recognize and take responsibility for your incorrect thinking and actions. My course will help you identify and correct these problems. Once you take responsibility for your wrong doings, you will be able to free yourself from their grip. Solutions will naturally come to you and a life of freedom, based in your true identity, will become a reality.

Life-long issues and problems can be eradicated faster than you think. The question is not whether they can be removed; the question is, are you ready to let them go and grab hold of something new and better?

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