Living in Destiny

Over the years many people have come to me for coaching, but truthfully, they are not ready to actually do what they need to do to live into the vision and dreams they can see and sense is available for them. 

These blogs and videos will get you started with the right questions you need to ask yourself, and tips to begin your transformation. 

Living in Destiny

The “self-improvement” industry racks in a colossal 10 Billion dollars a year on average in the U.S.A alone, with that number in mind I got to thinking.  

If people are spending that much money on professional help to improve their lives on yearly basis it reveals people really want to change from the problems and habits that slow them down. We want to live into the destiny and dreams that will fulfill us.

But 10 Billion a year?

I thought to myself, “If the number is that high and climbing, maybe all the help is not actually bringing about the end results that are promised and sought after?”

This trend and many other observances surrounding unhealthy and nonbeneficial mindsets and habits held by the average person propelled me to create this life changing course.  

After coaching and training countless people I have noticed consistent themes in peoples thinking that hold them back from the place in life they know is available, but have not been able to live in. 

Intro- What to Expect from this Course - 9mins 

This first video will get you going with insights and vision for how you are going to grow into your destiny and dreams. 

A bit later in this journey their will be a video session about my story and how I went from a long list of addictions and living in my car, to living in destiny and coaching countless people out of their problems and into their destiny.

I am thrilled and privileged you have joined this transformative journey with us. Throughout the course you can contact me anytime you would like with questions, or desire for coaching HERE.

Through the 11 sections and 18 video training sessions this journey will empower you with practical steps on how to break free from...

  • addictions 
  • unwanted mindsets
  • lack of real momentum in life
  • unhealthy self talk and view
  • and an inability to go to the next level in your career
  • and more...

And give you tools to live into...

  • healthy and successful perspectives towards pursuing your dreams 
  • healthy relationship tools
  • practical insights for positive action steps towards destiny
  • a powerful and effective approach to building your dreams
  • a more advantageous view towards challenges
  • daily habits for maintaining solution based thinking
  • and lots of other nuggets you can begin to apply TODAY

Get started HERE-Your Dreams Are A Compass-Part 1

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