The X Factor-Part 1

Did you know that Babe Ruth was merely a mediocre pitcher for the first 8 seasons of his 21-year career? Babe Ruth, one of the greatest offensive players in baseball history, was, at first, merely a so-so pitcher? Yes, you read that right.

His first 8 years his batting stats were sub-par and he was an average player during his time in Boston. In those 8 seasons, in Boston, he hit a total of 49 home runs and 230 runs batted in (RBIs). 

In 1919, the Great Bambino was traded to the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox. His first 2 years in New York he still pitched, but with minimal appearances as a pitcher.

However, after 2 seasons he stopped pitching, and his offensive production became the focus. Because of this simple change his offensive stats literally exploded. He immediately became one of the best hitters in the entire league and is now one of baseball’s most iconic players. His talent was never the issue. He just needed the best situation and environment to succeed.

He prepared himself so that when that situation presented itself, he would be ready to capitalize. When the right situation was his reality, his roots spread, with endless reach, and he became “The Great Bambino.”

He was the “Great Bambino” his whole life and all the hard work led up to his grand unveiling with the New York Yankees. He simply needed the proper environment for his true talents to shine. That opportunity presented itself because he prepared himself for that day. He positioned himself for that breakthrough and the whole world remembers his name now.

In his 15 seasons with New York, Ruth hit 659 home runs and drove in 1,971 runs.

I see a common trend with Babe Ruth and people that want to progress, but feel stuck. Too often they stand on one side of a river (obstacle or challenge) that they know they need to cross and they stand there thinking, speaking, and acting like they know exactly what it is like on the other side of the river. The problem is that they have never been to the other side of the river.

You may have crossed many rivers on your journey, but maybe this river in front of you seems too big to cross. At that point you need to consider what environment you are in. Identifying your location in your journey and dreams will show you how to position yourself to wholeheartedly capitalize on your growth during this season.

The fact is, standing in one place and pretending you know exactly what it’s like in a distant territory is silly. It’s smart to talk to people that have been to the territory you’re spying out. It’s smart to read about it and do some research, and do all the planning you can. But there is no way to know what adventurous goodness awaits you by standing still and pretending to know what will or won’t happen once you start moving in the right direction.

I call this conundrum, The X FactorHERE is an 11-minute podcast from my Upgrade Your Thinking channel where I talk more about Babe Ruth and The X Factor.

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