The X Factor-Part 3

Imagine a plant in a small pot. The plant is healthy, and looks good in its small container. But do you realize that the plant is limited in its growth as long as it is in this small pot? Not because it has reached its full potential, but because it’s roots can only go as far as the edge of the pot.

Now take the same plant out of the small pot and put it in a place where its roots can spread and sink deep; the growth of that plant can explode quicker then imagined. The fuller life was always dwelling within the plant, but the plant needed a new territory to grow into its full potential.

You don’t know the new ways you can come alive until you put yourself in new soil where you can soak up the nutrients of that new environment. Proximity is often power when it comes to gaining momentum toward your dreams. Relationships, resources, opportunities, and creative ideas are waiting for you on the other side of the river and you need to cross that river.

Let the uncertainty of the X Factor be a voice of encouragement and destiny that calls you into new lands of purpose, comfort, and fulfillment. Endless satisfactory experiences and wonderful achievements are waiting for you, even more than you’re waiting for them.  

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