A Little About Me

Nine years ago I decided to give life a try. I had nothing. I had all my belongings packed in my car and I hated myself and saw no future for my life. It was then that an inner transformation began. I surrendered to a relationship with God and the lens I saw life through went from blurry to clear, slowly but surely.

I had a long list of legal troubles, living with all my belongings in my car, depressed, alone, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and even suicidal at times. I had nothing but an increasing problems to show for my life. It was horrible. I doubt many of you are anywhere near the chaos I was in. That’s good; you’re already in a better place than I was.

As I began to put one foot in front of the other, I began to make up for lost time. As I began to honestly address the turmoil within, I quickly became empowered to get rid of the problems around me. I rode the wind of transformation and my mindset went from a victim mentality to an overcoming reality.

A Bit Of My Story - 11mins

I got honest about my inner process. I identified my problematic thinking and began growing and progressing with God by employing victorious thinking. I realized that every action starts with a thought. I started with changing my thinking and my actions followed suit.

Nine years later I have been given a full and amazing life. It changed fast, and it keeps improving. I truly live in my dreams and I’m just getting started. I live in fulfillment and I’m doing what I love to do for a living as the gold within me continues to turn to gold around me.

I have a beautiful wife and we have two lovely sons. All the addictions are long gone, all of them. I have a Life Coaching business and I work with leaders in business, politics, religion, sports, and many other people. I also work at a drug and alcohol treatment center as a Recovery Coach. Check out testimonials from some of my personal clients, HERE. I get invited to speak regularly and I thoroughly enjoy empowering people to live in their created purpose.

I have gone into hospitals, rehab centers, correctional facilities, churches, poverty-stricken areas in third world countries, schools, and many other places, loving and empowering people to live the life they were created for.

How did this happen?

How does a person go from a destitute reality and into the extreme opposite, a successful, thriving and purposed reality?


First, God.

Start today and begin your transformation out of negative and pessimistic thought patterns and into a victorious and hope-filled perspective. When your thinking is upgraded your actions will follow what started in your thinking. I have lots of FREE content available on this website that will help you on your journey. 

You are simply learning to live a fulfilled life while on the patient path to success. You were created for a life of influence, fulfillment, excellence, and amazingness.

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