Why You Don't Want To Win The Lottery - Part 1

Did you know that 70% of lottery winners go broke within approximately 7 years of winning the lottery? Lottery Winners

If you are like me your response is, “wow!” But why is this so common? It is simple: they were given something they didn’t have the strength and wisdom to carry.

We live in a world that caters to a lottery mentality. Everything is now, now, now. Everything is a click of the fingers away, and let’s be honest, this instantaneous reality has birthed many good things in our generation.

It has also caused disabling mindsets to take root in countless people’s thinking. There are many things that you can get immediately these days. However, developing a confidence in yourself and a patient work ethic towards greatness will not come with a magic snap of the fingers. But you can be leaps and bounds ahead of where you currently are at in life in as little as a few months.  

A lottery mentality is where you “want it now” and think it should all happen “right now.” If it doesn’t then we can begin to make excuses and lay blame as to why it is someone else’s fault.

Why You Don't Want To Win The Lottery - Coaching Video 10mins

How many times have you seen a hiring ad where it says something like, “Want to earn 30K next month while sitting at home? Start today!” Or a similar offer? I’ve seen this type of false promise and this type of thinking trap too many talented people into a maze that they can’t exit. Yes, you can make immediate improvement in any aspect of life, but sustaining it and turning it into constant growth takes time, work, and a practical transformation.

Chances are you are not a lazy person, you want to work. Almost everyone wants to work, and does. I don’t meet too many people that actually expect to live out an amazing life by sitting on their couch.

The employment rate in America is 95.9%. That is fantastic. Almost ninety six people out of every one hundred people work, but only thirty percent work the job they dream of. Most individuals want to work, but they want meaningful work and they want to make a difference and be fulfilled while doing so.

It’s the lottery mentality that is the silent killer when it comes to people living a real and full life. Once this detrimental mindset, the idea of entitlement and instant gratification, is locked into a person’s thinking they begin to pattern their actions in line with wanting everything to come immediately.

This type of patterned thinking actually positions you for more frustrations and let downs and, like a domino effect, it often creates other unhealthy thinking and actions.

It’s like a current in the ocean of life that always has movement to it, but it never actually takes you out to sea. The habits developed by someone with a lottery mentality can push you and pull you into a lot of action, but not necessarily into as much actual progress.

We often unknowingly accept things that appear good and beneficial coming along in this current, but it ends up leaving us in the same place of frustration and lack of real forward motion and sustainable progress.

Look at it this way. Imagine your dreams; picture the biggest dream of success that you can possibly imagine.

Got that dream in mind?

Now, if the fullness of that dream were given to you today would you be able to hold and maintain it? If you are honest with yourself you’d probably say, no.

Why is this important?

If each of us were given the full weight of our lifelong dreams at this moment, it would most likely crush us. We haven’t built up the strength to carry those dreams. This is why the resistance towards forward motion and progression in life is a bigger benefit than you realize.

If you can’t navigate the small obstacles you face now with optimism and integrity, what makes you think you’ll be able to navigate even bigger obstacles on your path to success?

You need resistance as you pursue greatness, or how will you get stronger? The small troubles you face now are gifts that are strengthening you to be victorious in much bigger arenas.

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