Why You Don't Want To Win The Lottery - Part 2

Another reason that the lottery mentality is so harmful is because certain experiences are needed to develop the wisdom and tools for long-term success.

The lottery winner’s mindset is, “It needs to happen now, and I don’t really want to work for it.” Well what do you think that person is going to do with a ridiculous amount of money (influence, opportunities, resources, etc.) when they get it?

The mindset that drove them to want it all now, without any effort, drives them to spend it all or misuse it. They are bound by the same instantaneous mindset so they wantonly spend, spend, and spend, trying to fill the unsatisfied void in their heart. They run out and spend more and are left even more unsatisfied.

It’s the same with working out your dreams and purpose. If you got it all now you wouldn’t appreciate it like you should because you didn’t have to work to have it, and keep it, and it would be difficult for you to maintain it.

This does not mean that living into your purpose and dreams is going to take forever to materialize. It can open up for you quicker than you realize, but your perspective has to be in a place of enjoying the incremental increase and learning on the journey.

Also, how about this: lottery winners are given something they don’t know how to create. They didn’t gain the practical tools needed for creating that wealth because they didn’t walk the patient path to success. They were put into a reality they don’t have the skills to manage and increase, and often, they think it will happen to them again when it runs out this time.

I struggled with this my entire life. I dreamed of the amazing things I felt called to do, but for some reason my goals and desires eluded me and I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) change. I had no patience and endurance, I just wanted it now. Not only could I not do what I could envision, but my inaction created a layer of frustration and regret within me.

You need to ask yourself, what good is realizing dreams if, once you get there, you are miserable? You’ll need patience and wisdom so you can enjoy being you as you live out your purpose.

Here is a 15 minute video from a brilliant motivational speaker and marketing consultant, Simon Sinek. In this video he dissects some of the problems that surface if you have a lottery mentality, a comparison mentality, if you lack a work ethic, and patience.

Simon Sinek - Millennials in the Workplace - 15mins

Up until 8 years ago, I lived chained to addiction, regret, and depression. It was when I identified the wrong thinking and coupled that with practical action and forward motion that a life beyond my wildest dreams began to open up for me.

When you take responsibility for your unhealthy thinking and agree to change you position yourself to take practical actions steps. In this place increase and change came, in immediate increments, as it did for me, it will for you.  

It breaks my heart to see how many talented people settle for living a life that, when observed by others, appears to be near perfect, yet, in reality, is underlined with the chaos of confusion and discontent.

If that’s you, understand that Nothing, Nothing, is wrong with you. Heaven had a dream for you and wrapped your body around it. You’re just learning how to be you, and you are growing towards realizing your dream. You were born to walk out the aspirations and ambitions in your heart in excellence and passion.

Your frustrations surface because you know you are called to a life of greatness and have the gifts and talents to help people, leave the world better then you found it, and be prosperous in doing so. You may just be having trouble tapping into that positive and progressive flow of taking your dreams to another level. You are just growing and learning along the way.

Consider this perspective instead: what if the road blocks you face along the way are not problems? What if they are gifts that are strengthening you so you can hold on to the fullness of your dream once it opens up for you?

Also, frustration often surfaces when you believe that you need something external to bring about internal peace and fulfillment. In reality, satisfaction must come from within. If it doesn’t, when you do get to a desired destination you’ll still feel unfulfilled.

I have coached more than one person that has more money than they know what to do with, yet they live with no peace or overall life fulfillment. Money is not the issue, the issue is the quality of our heart in the midst of pursuing our dreams.

What if your external pursuit to try to bring about inner contentment has put blinders on you? What if the gold you need to live in your created purpose needs to be mined internally, not externally?

You have extreme value, and when you learn to mine the gold within you it will turn to gold around you. Most often it is your inner world that needs to change. An upgrade in your thinking is necessary, and it’s time for you to live in this upgraded reality.

It all starts with the way you think. Your actions follow your thinking. When your mind is transformed, your outer world falls into place.

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