The Joy of Being You - Part 1

Deep down you want to be the real you, and the world knows it.

Endless platforms have been created to display YOU and your views these days. Facebook and Twitter let you portray yourself the way you want the world to see you. Instagram allows you to post all the pictures you want about how fantastic your life is, and YouTube lets you post videos about anything you want to convey to the whole world. 

There is nothing wrong with social media. It’s a great way to communicate, stay connected with friends and family, to network, advertise, and reach the world with your message. I have a FacebookInstagram, and YouTube channel.  

However, does social media dominate your thinking and create a mindset that encourages you to try to mine the gold around you, instead of mining the gold within you?

Whether we realize it or not, on social media, “We’re being constantly probed to engage in ’social comparison,’ and we’re addicted to it because as much as the ‘upward comparisons’ make us depressed, the ‘downward comparisons’ make us feel better, if not high with validation.” Your Brain on Facebook Article

The issue with people these days is not social media. The issue is how and why people are using social media.

Social media has brilliantly capitalized on people’s desire to be unique. But has this social platform of so-called freedom caused people to be caught in the trap of constant comparison?   

By no means am I saying you have self-image issues if you are on Facebook. But has the world of social media distorted the beauty of being the real you? Yes, you should feel comfortable posting pics about the good things going on in your life. The question remains, why are you doing it?

And do your social media habits have you trying to fulfill an internal need with a shallow and unfulfilling external reality?  

You are wired and created to be able to live the life you and only you were created to live, and the world needs you to be you. So it’s quite simple, the desire to be the authentic expression of you is a healthy one.

The disconnect to true authenticity surfaces when you try to be someone other than who you truly are while you are striving to fulfill your purpose. Here’s the question: Is the way you present yourself to the world an attempt to please others, or is it in harmony with who you really are and in sync with fulfilling your true purpose?

You have a specific design and flavor that the world needs to genuinely experience, and your satisfaction peaks when you are living and fulfilling your individual purpose. The gears of your life’s engine were created to flow with the rhythm of your destiny.  

Be you, you deserve it.

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