The Joy of Being You - Part 3 with Video

Let’s say that you don’t know exactly what you’re called to do, or how to go to the next level of your dreams. One simple practice is to start doing what you feel you should do, and help other people do what they feel they should do in the process. In this simple place of service watch as doors that were never opened to you, open, and the people inside invite you in. 

Here are some other matters to consider:

Maybe you know what you should be doing but can’t seem to step into it, or reach the next level? In the midst of helping others, ask yourself, am I refining and growing with my service? Or, have I plateaued with what I have to offer? Are you changing and growing, or are you unenthused and frustrated?

Or maybe you’re already doing what you are called to do but you feel no satisfaction? Well, what are your motives for doing what you are doing?

Is what you are investing your time and energy in not giving you the return on investment you feel it should?

No matter how you answer these questions, interacting with and helping other people is a vital part to your own success. As you help people, you will refine and reassess your motives, your skill set, and realize the most effective ways to help others.

As I made it my motivation to better other people’s lives with the talents I’d been given, I discovered that my inner reality became more peaceful because my outward reality began to sync with my inner reality.

What if what is taking place in your life now is preparing you and strengthening you to be a greater you in a greater arena? Get started by using what you already have at hand to help others and you will get more perspective on the specifics of your purpose.

The issue is not that you are not talented and amazing. You have more talent in you than you could ever imagine. Speaker and author Steven Furtick had this to say, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. 

The Joy of Being You - 10mins Coaching Video

Peace becomes as elusive as trying to catch the wind when you pattern your life to try and be someone else. Comparing your bad day with someone else’s good day as they portray it to the world is a recipe for depression.

You are not built to be like another person. You are built to be you. A confident and vibrant expression of creativity and life is yearning to manifest itself through your life.

You will only ever fully succeed at being who you are created to be. Trying to piece together someone else’s blueprint for their life and apply it to your life is equivalent to putting a square peg in a round hole. 

Why do you think so many people have a “mid life crisis?” Don’t you think that by the time someone has reached their mid life (which they say is 45-60 years old), they should be more comfortable then ever with who they are?

Whether your dream includes massive success or not, is it success at all if you have everything on the outside and nothing on the inside? Inner peace is priceless, and fulfilling your dreams must include a very present enjoyment of being you and being satisfied in what you are accomplishing.

You have permission to build your dreams and do it with joy for you and those around you. In fact, you were created to do just that. It’s the reason you have dreams and passions. Those dreams are not fantasies, they are the road map to your purpose.

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